International Esoteric
Film Festival
1st edition 2021

The initiative is called  “International Esoteric Film Festival”, with the possibility of extending this name to the use and adoption of “Review” and “National” for both solutions.
It provides for the organization of a periodic event and several local festivals / reviews, in Italy and abroad, of films, documentaries, broadcasts, formats and short films, professional and amateur, made for cinema, television, the Internet and in all other form of communication, diffusion, support and transmission, commercial and otherwise, however produced, in the various formats and with the most varied techniques. 
The expected contents and themes are: esotericism, initiatory, religion, theology, masonry, cabal, mystery, alchemy, gnosis, templarism, mystique, hermeticism, philosophy, anthropology, history, geopolitics, art and any other sector of culture and deepening related to them. 
The initiative is a form of historical-philosophical-scientific artistic and cultural communication, which must lead the user to a careful examination of social and human mind problems, in their characterizing and characterized forms over time and space.
It is and must be a stimulus for reflection and not only a participation in a review of works of author and / or artist, but a moment, prolonged in time, which induces to reflect and find in the past the roots for development , the progress and future improvement of man and peoples for a desired harmony between peoples. 
The initiative can also be included in a pilot project of online review / festival with the participation of the user / researcher for the selection, research, transmission and awarding of the works.
Round tables, conferences, exhibitions and other forms of support for the initiative are also scheduled.
There is also a section for new levers and e-learning courses for young people from various countries who wish to undertake the various professions in the world of cinema.
The event, scheduled for summer 2021, is coordinated by the Art and Culture Commission and will take advantage of the professionalism of dr. ing. Catello Masullo, film critic and president of the Roman Cine Forum, for the selection of works and dr. Jacopo Mosca for the organization of the event.