International Conference
of the Mediterranean
1° edition 2021

The Mediterranean and the Middle East have always been the cradle of world civilization and its people.
Here were born the law, culture, art in its many facets, science, religions and philosophy.
Over the centuries, travelers, starting with the Phoenicians, have spread knowledge and with knowledge knowledge among peoples; the great empires allowed a homogenization between the people and the exchange of customs and habits. There have been wars and conflicts, but culture has generated golden epochs, due to civilizations and knowledge. Then came navigators and explorers who sowed the seed of knowledge and knowledge on all continents, until recently still unexplored. Today we realize that the Mediterranean and the Middle East are still the center of many often conflicting realities. Other parts of the world have social and economic problems; in the Mediterranean we find cultural, ethnic, religious and historical problems.
Opinion of the Noble Mediterranean Academy that an action of cultural involvement among the Mediterranean coast people could be a winning methodology to bring the shores of the Mediterranean closer and smooth out the conflicts.
We remember the great example of the politics of Frederick II, who managed to bring together very different cultures and civilizations with positive implications for the progress of the people.
Even the Muslim kingdoms of Spain pursued progress with culture, tolerance and respect.
Then economic, hegemonic, religious and other interests generated misunderstandings and problems, which are still present and which influence the general balance.
The Noble Mediterranean Academy does not have the presumption of magically solving the various solutions, so complicated, but has the will to participate in a process of bringing people together, on the growth level of culture and its sharing.
The 1st edition of the International Mediterranean Conference, which should be organized in Rome in January 2021, aims to highlight the various cultural, political and social issues, which create the basis for current conflicts.
The conference will develop over two days of meetings and studies.
The chosen themes, which the speakers and participants will have to face, range between various topics:

1°st session – Identification elements 

  • History of the Mediterranean: peoples, culture, civilization .
  • Zero a symbol that unites peoples. Lectio Magistralis on the history of Zero and its importance in the progress of peoples.
  • Music – sounds and not words: tradition and universal language among peoples.
  • Philosophy – the Mediterranean: the cradle of human thought.
  • Religion the need of peoples to know themselves through the unknown.
  • The Costume – a people is identified by its customs and traditions.

2°nd session – Mediterranean cradle of civilization and human progress

  • Bread – food: simple gesture that unites the peoples around the table. Habits, rites, foods.
  • Stupor Mundi example of integration of peoples, culture and progress in the wake of respect.
  • Relations and Symmetries the history of relations between peoples and nations. The critical issues, synergies and hopes. Traditions, customs and culture among the Mediterranean peoples, for a peaceful and constructive coexistence.

3°rd session

  • Sociopolitical Formation of Secularism
  • Globalization is socio-political power? New ethics of the third millennium
  • Religions and their influence in society
  • Social and cultural impact of new communication technologies 
  • Economic ethics and socio-political ethics: conflicts and convergences 
  • Ideologies and ideals: the socio-political imaginary of the 21st century
  • Geopolitical scenarios and prospects for peace
  • Ideologies and ideals: the socio-political imagery of the third millennium
  • Conclusions, hopes and proposals

A white paper will be edited with the interventions of the speakers, which will be sent to institutional, political and cultural exponents, expression of the Mediterranean coastal countries.
The next editions may also be organized in other cities, which represent history, culture and are centers of relationships, relationships between people and peoples. 
The program, which the Noble Mediterranean Academy has set itself, is demanding and wide-ranging, which certainly will not end with the 1st edition, but which will develop in the course of the editions.
The 1st edition 2021 will be the showcase and the beginning of a dialogue that must continue over time.
We have already started informal contacts with the Mediterranean universities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassies and cultural institutes of the Mediterranean nations, as well as with representatives of the communities in Italy and abroad.
The conference will be presented to the institutions and to the press, Italian and foreign, in the autumn in Rome.
The event will be streamed live.