Charitable Activities

The Noble Mediterranean Academy is always paying attention to the enhancement of the territory, of the social fabric, to the fields of cultural, environmental, artistic, and civic education with the planning and organization of cultural, educational, environmental, and recreational initiatives, open to the contribution and participation of residents. It is also very attentive to the purposes of social solidarity, in particular towards the weakest subjects. 
Over the years, the Academy has organized numerous charity initiatives to fulfil this purpose: i.e. the charity event that allowed the donation of 800 euros to the pediatric hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome thanks to the concert “Baroque Harmonies” held in the Sala Casella, and entrusted to the two first-rate musicians specialized in the ancient repertoire on historical instruments, Gabriele Cassone with his Baroque trumpet and Antonio Frigé with his harpsichord, along with the voice of the young mezzo-soprano Beatrice Mercuri, and in collaboration with the Roman Philharmonic Academy; and the “Giornata Della Salute” whose proceeds allowed the purchase of a pediatric defibrillator donated to the Don Cesare Ionta school in Segni.