A click among the notes

This project wants to send out a message of harmony and respect throughout photography and Music in an attempt to overcome national and ideological barriers and bring back the dialogue between people.  The competition is organized by the Noble Mediterranean Academy together with the Musicalmente magazine and the Sax Academy.  It will involve professionals of all nationalities as well as conservatories, music schools, music associations, photography schools, photographic equipment shops, musical instruments and CDs shops, and photography and music lovers. Participation is free and open to all citizens of the Mediterranean coastal nations. Each competitor can send 3 photos.  The awards ceremony and exhibition will be organized on the premises of the Opera House or in the Parco Della Musica in Rome.  At the end of the event, a book with the best works will be published, while the official site will include all the participant’s works as well as the ranking and the name of the winners of the competition. The Prize is scheduled for the autumn of 2021.